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iSchool represents the state-of-the-art in school management software for large, medium and small schools of every kind - from public and private institutions to computer schools including primary schools, secondary schools etc. User-friendly and highly intuitive, iSchool revolutionizes communications by enabling a synergistic approach to sharing information between the schools and its students, parents, suppliers, partners, employees and shareholders. iSchool represents the leading edge in school management software, and is designed to manage all business aspects of school administration, from student registrations, to Performance Analysis. iSchool maintains information about Students, Teachers and other Staffs who are involved in the school. iSchool aims a one-stop solution for maintaining the data related to a systematic functioning of a school. The objective of iSchool aims to provide all the relevant data of an organization to different users at different levels in a format relevant to them, integrate the different administrative & non-administrative areas of School Management with newly identified features and to provide features to the staff of the organization to view details relevant to their work.



Highlighted Features

- Student Attendance Module
- Fee Management
- Student Marksheet Module
- Employees Payroll Generation
- Bar Code Processing (Code-39) (for Identity Cards and Books)
- Security Administration (User/User Group level Access Privileges and   log Reports)



1. Pre-Admission Module
This module comprises of Course Registration , Application Issue, Application Registration, Advance Payment, Application Search etc.

2. Student Module
Includes Admission, ID Card, Admission Statement, Class Registration and Editing, Subject Registration and Editing, Exam Registration and Editing, Manual class Assignment, Attendance Register, Marks Recording, Student Progress Report, Student Search, Disabled Students Information, Discharge or Termination Process, Toppers List  etc.

4. Human Resource Module
This comprises of Staff details Registration, and Search, Leave details master Recorder, Leave Entry, Pending Leave, Staff attendance Register, Staff attendance Report, Pay Scale Entering and Editing, Pay Revision, Pay Roll, LIC Statement, PF Statement.

5. Library module
This deals with Book details registration, Fine Structure, Membership Registration, Issue and Return, Lost book details Recording, Lost book details Editing and Report, Search book, Bar Code Processing (Code-39) etc.

6. Fee Module
This module deals with Fees Structure Recording, Fee Collection (By Class and Student), Receipts, Fee Advance & discounts, Collected Fees etc. It also contain General Accounts which includes cash receipts, bank receipts, cash payments, bank payments, Journal, Year end closing etc and reports on cash book, bank book, sales book, purchase book, bank reconciliation statements etc.

7. Web Module
This module includes Home page, Security Login, Student Performance, Student Attendance, Student Marks, Extra Curricular Activities, Conduct and Punishment Details. It also includes Student Fees, remarks from Parents & teachers and website administration.

8. SMS Module
This module comprises of SMS sending option - send attendance , fee information, result declaration to parents.

9. IVRS Module
Parents can dial in to know the attendance, performance of their wards.

System Requirements

Database Server :
Xeon , 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Disk


Client Machines :

Processor above PIV


OS : Windows XP


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