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iDSR gives businesses the upper hand with their sales data. Comprehensive and easy to customize, Salesforce empowers companies to manage people and processes more effectively, so reps can close more deals. With iDSR, reps spend more time selling and less time on administration.



Highlighted Features


- Loved by the Salesforce
Reps need solutions that make their jobs easier, not more complicated. iDSR gives them fast access to data. With a "simple and intuitive" user interface is the one every sales rep will love and use.

- Critical for Sales Managers
Managers need visibility into the activities of their reps and insight into where they stand with their pipelines. iDSR provides powerful opportunity management, forecasting and reporting, so sales managers can be confident their teams are producing at their full capacity.

- Trusted by Executives
Executives need accurate information so they can evaluate their company's past performance while looking ahead to the future. They want to answer critical business questions quickly without sifting through reams of data. It also reminds them with follow-ups.


System Requirements

Any Hardware configuration
OS : Windows XP


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